Searching and getting data from ChEBI


Searching ChEBI

Quick search

Simply type the term (e.g. cholesterol), formula (e.g. C6H12O6), registry number (e.g. 64-17-5), InChI (IUPAC International Chemical Identifier, e.g. InChI=1/H2O/h1H2) or ChEBI identifier (e.g. 30815) into the search box on the ChEBI home page, then click on the 'Search ChEBI' button or press 'Enter' on your keyboard.

Wildcards (*) can be used to search using a partial name; e.g. searching for cholest* will find all those entities which have a name or synonym starting with 'cholest', such as cholesterol and cholesteryl β-D-glucoside.

Advanced search

From the Advanced Search page (accessed from the menu in the top left-hand corner of any ChEBI page) searches can be performed using several terms at once or restricted to specific fields (e.g. ChEBI name, synonym, formula).

Structure-based searches can be performed by drawing or loading a chemical structure and the search can be further restricted by combining with a term-based search.

Retrieving data from ChEBI

Data download

The entire ChEBI database can be downloaded from ChEBI's ftp site in several formats including SDF, Oracle and generic database dumps, flat files and the Open Biomedical Ontologies (OBO) format.

Web services

Programmatic access to ChEBI is available through ChEBI’s web services page

Submitting data to ChEBI

To request a log-in to submit data to ChEBI, please visit the submissions page.