Searching the ChEBI database using the simple text search


Use the search box on the ChEBI home page to enter simple search terms:

  1. Name of molecule e.g. paracetamol;
  2. ChEBI identifier e.g. CHEBI:16526;
  3. IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChI) e.g. InChI=1S/CO2/c2-1-3;
  4. Molecular formula e.g.C6H12O6;
  5. Chemical Abstract Service registry number (CAS-RN) e.g. 124-38-9.

Guided example: searching for a simple molecule:

Let's start with a simple molecule search e.g. paracetamol as shown in Figure 5

ChEBI search by typing name of a simple molecule

Figure 5 ChEBI search by typing the name of a simple molecule.

Once the search is complete, a results page will be returned showing the ChEBI matches to your query (Figure 6). Search results may be downloaded as TSV, XML or SDF files for import into other applications.

Search results page for paracetamol

Figure 6 Search results page for paracetamol showing paracetamol and its structural derivatives.


 Try it yourself?

Type the molecular formula C6H12O6 into the search box. How many entries can you find?