Advanced text search in ChEBI has several options


Type your query as free text in the search box and filter results by using or combining categories – an example is shown in Figure 10:

 Advanced text search options in ChEBI

Figure 10 Advanced text search options in ChEBI.

  • All – this allows you to search all the categories;
  • ChEBI ID – allows searching for specific ChEBI identifiers;
  • ChEBI name – will search only for ChEBI names matching your search term;
  • Definition – the ChEBI definitions;
  • All Names – will search all the synonyms, ChEBI Names and IUPAC names available for this compound;
  • IUPAC name – will search for IUPAC names;
  • Database Links – allows searching for accession numbers from other sources;
  • Formula – will search for formula;
  • Mass – the molecular weight;
  • Charge – allows searching for the charge;
  • CAS Registry Number – will search for CAS Registry Numbers matching your search criteria;
  • InChI/InChIKey – will search for InChIs matching your search criteria;
  • SMILES – will search for SMILES matching your search criteria.

The plus and minus tabs can be used to add additional categories.