Advanced search


Searches in ChEBI can be customised and filtered using advanced search options (Figure 7):

  • drawing a structure and searching by "exact", "substructure" or "similar structure" searches;
  • restricting text searches to individual fields in the database (e.g. searching in the 'name' and 'synonym' fields only), and combining the results of several such searches using AND, OR, and BUT NOT logic;
  • filtering the results by stars to search for only 3-star entries;
  • controlling the number of results displayed by using drop-down boxes associated with "results per page" and "total results";
  • combining the results of a structure search with one or more text searches;
  • the Advanced Search page is also used for searching the ChEBI Ontology (but more about this later!)

Advanced search page in ChEBI

Figure 7 Advanced search page in ChEBI showing text search and structure search.