How ChEBI can help with your research


When to use ChEBI

You can use ChEBI to:

  • find the stereochemistry and structure of an entity by searching for any relevant name;
  • find the preferred chemical terminology for an entity by searching for any name, formula or registry numbers associated with it, including Chemical Abstract Service Registry Number (CAS-RN) and Reaxys numbers;
  • view the relationship between between chemicals and their classes using the ChEBI ontology.

 When not to use ChEBI

ChEBI cannot help you:

  • to find biological macromolecules, such as nucleic acids, proteins and large peptides; 
  • if you need a large set of molecules for molecular modelling, binding studies, etc; the ChEMBL database would be more appropriate.

 If the entity you are interested in is not listed in ChEBI

  • then you can submit it to ChEBI yourself using the ChEBI Submission Tool;
  • or you can ask the ChEBI team to add the entity to the database using ChEBI's SourceForge Curation Requests channel.