Searching the ChEBI ontology


The ChEBI ontology can be searched using "Filter by Ontology Term" on the ChEBI Advanced Search Page (Figure 17).

  • Select a desired relationship (e.g. is a, has role etc.) from the drop-down menu of "Select relationship";
  • Enter the ontology term (e.g. fatty acid, alcohol etc.) into the ontology search box. When entering the ontology term into the ontology search box, it is important to type in a few characters, allow time for possible matches to be suggested, then to select the desired term from the suggested list (type a few more characters one at a time if the desired term isn't on the initially-suggested list).
  • Extra relationships can be added/removed by using the plus/minus tabs adjacent to query fields.

Searching the ChEBI ontology

Figure 17 Searching the ChEBI ontology.


Try it yourself 

Go the ChEBI Advanced Search page. Use "Filter by Ontology Term" is a alcohol. How many entries do you find?