Browsing the ChEBI ontology


To view the ontology classification for any entity in ChEBI, click on the "ChEBI Ontology" tab at the top part of any ChEBI entry page (Figure 15)

ChEBI entry page for paracetamol with ontology tab
Figure 15 ChEBI entry page for paracetamol with ontology tab.

Scrolling down shows the various relationships in a "graph" or "tree view"
of the entity. The graph view shows the structural classification (is a and has part relationships). It is fully interactive (Figure 16):

  • use the zoom and navigation tools to the left of the graph to move and resize the graph;
  • click and drag on any name to to move individual class names, to clarify the graph if necessary;
  • click on any name to see the definition for that entry;
  • hover over any line to view the relationship being depicted;
  • thick blue lines indicate hidden relationships - click on them to reveal the hidden paths;
  • the "Expanded view" radio button can be used to display all of the hidden paths.

ChEBI ontology for paracetamol

Figure 16 ChEBI ontology for paracetamol.