Submitting models to BioModels


We welcome submission of models to BioModels. For your model to be published in the repository, it needs to comply with the MIRIAM guidelines (the Minimum Information Required in the Annotation of Models).

Once you have submitted your model, you will receive an accession number that you can use, for instance, in publications or grant applications. BioModels accepts models submitted in SBML and CellML formats.

  • Note: Due to increasing demand for hosting models in other formats, we now accept models in formats other than SBML or CellML. However, our current infrastructure does not support submission of models in other formats. So please contact us at biomodels-cura [at] if you wish to submit using alternative formats. We are working on a new infrastructure for BioModels, which is designed to accept models of any format and type, in addition to various new features.