Joanna Argasinska


Joanna Argasinska completed her PhD in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge in 2004. She studied proteins controlling translation of stored maternal mRNAs during Xenopus oogenesis in Dr Standart's laboratory. She then joined Prof Smith group at the Gurdon Institute, Cambridge to study functions of transcription factors in Xenopusdevelopment. After working for a Cambridge-based biotech company, she joined the Training Group at EBI for an intership working on Train Online.

Martyn Symmons

Scientific Curator

Martyn F. Symmons received his PhD in protein crystallography from Birkbeck College University of London in 2004. This was for his structural solution of the first known PNPase which is a key bacterial and mitochondrial RNase controlling virulence and cell senescence. He was then awarded an Oppenheimer Research Fellowship at the University of Cambridge to work on bacterial antibiotic-efflux pumps in the Department of Pathology. He is currently a Curator in the PDBe team at EBI. In his spare time he continues to develop methods for assembling macromolecules from distance restraint data. Most recently he applied FRET restraints to assemble the core 5'UTR region of HIV-1 genomic RNA.

James Watson

Senior Scientific Outreach Officer

James Watson studied biochemistry at the University of Glasgow and obtained his PhD on structural motifs in proteins. He joined the EBI as a researcher in the Thornton group investigating the prediction of protein function from three-dimensional structure. As part of his work with the Midwest Center for Structural Genomics, he has been involved in the development and testing of the ProFunc server - a fully automated protein function prediction server. He is now the Senior Scientific Training Officer in the Training group, joining in 2008, and is responsible for organising and teaching in-house training events as well as the day to day running of the IT training facilities. He also trains on a variety of resources at EBI Roadshows across Europe and beyond.

Aleksandras Gutmanas

Scientific Officer

Aleksandras Gutmanas defended his PhD in biophysics with emphasis on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations in 2003 at the Dept. of Biochemistry and the Swedish NMR Centre, Gothenburg University, Sweden. He then moved on as a postdoc and staff scientist in the group of Dr. C. H. Arrowsmith, Toronto, Canada, part of the Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium (NESG). Since June 2010, he joined the PDBe group at EBI as NMR Project Leader. His interest is in NMR Spectroscopy, Macromolecular structures and structure validation.

Gerard Kleywegt

PDBe Team Leader

Gerard Kleywegt received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) in 1991. After 6 months with a California-based software company he moved to the University of Uppsala (Sweden) to do post-doctoral research in the laboratory of Alwyn Jones. He became an independent investigator in 1996 and played a pivotal role in the Swedish Structural Biology Network (SBNet) for more than a decade, first as its coordinator and later as its programme director. He was appointed Professor of Structural Molecular Biology in 2009. In the same year, he moved to Cambridge and joined EMBL-EBI as Head of the Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe).