Submission of HTS data

ArrayExpress accepts submission of high throughput sequencing data via the MAGE-TAB submission system (Figure 16). Non-human and human non-identifiable data can be submitted directly and the raw data files will be transferred to the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), where they will be stored. Processed data and the experiment metadata (i.e. IDF and SDRF) are loaded into ArrayExpress and links are included to ensure that the raw data stored in ENA is accessible from ArrayExpress.

If you have potentially identifiable human sequencing data you need to submit it first to the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA). The EGA is a primary archive for DNA sequence data not consented for public distribution. The EGA will supply you with a suitable template for submission and will ensure that any human identifiable data is stored securely.


Submission of HTS data. Non-human and human non-identifiable data is submitted to ArrayExpress and the raw data files are transferred to the ENA. Human potentially-identifiable data is submitted to the EGA

Figure 16. Submission of HTS data.

InformationIf you wish to submit to the EGA contact the EGA helpdesk at and inform them that you would like to submit data.