What is ArrayExpress?

ArrayExpress is a database of functional genomics data, generated from microarray and high-throughput sequencing (HTS) experiments. The data are described and archived according to the community guidelines for microarray (MIAME) and HTS (MINSEQE) data. It is built around experiments and can be used to retrieve data as well as information associated with it.

Why do we need ArrayExpress?

ArrayExpress was established to make data from high-throughput technologies available to the scientific community. It provides easy access to well-annotated functional genomics data in a structured and standardised format, and facilitates the sharing of information associated with such data.

What can I do with ArrayExpress?

You can use it to:

  • Search by keywords or experiment's properties (e.g. citation, transcriptomics platform, species or sample annotation) and identify experiments of interest;
  • Download data associated with experiment(s), alongside its annotation, for your own analysis;
  • Submit microarray or HTS data that you want to publish. Major journals will require data to be submitted to a public repository like ArrayExpress during the paper review process; data will be kept private until the associated paper is published.