Submitting data to ArrayExpress

ArrayExpress accepts all functional genomics data, including HTS and microarray-based data. Data can be submitted using one the following submission tools:

Web-based submissions

For submissions of small microarray based experiments (< 50 hybridisations), we recommend using MIAMExpress, our online submission tool. Custom array designs can also be submitted using this tool.

Spreadsheet submissions

Larger experiments (>50 hybridisations), data generated on Illumina and Nimblegen platforms, and HTS data can be submitted using a spreadsheet system. This tool generates a spreadsheet template and, once this has been filled in with all the necessary information, it is uploaded to us along with the data files. 


Submissions from external databases

If your data is already stored in a local database, you may consider developing automated data export. Please note we no longer support MAGE-ML pipeline submissions.

InformationSee our submission pages for additional information on how to submit data to the ArrayExpress.