Want to know how we did it?



  1. Open the ArrayExpress homepage in a new window and select the 'Arrays'.
  2. Since you have the platform name Affymetrix GeneChip Human Genome HG-U133A, you can write this into the search box.
  3. The search will retrieve the accession number A-AFFY-33. Click on it.
  4. In the 'links' row select all experiments completed using A-AFFY-33.
  5. Restrict your search to humans by selecting the ‘Homo sapiens’ option in the ‘Filters' from the drop-down box. Click on 'Filter' to refresh the results.
  6. Now you can explore the experiments retrieved.


ArrayExpress can be used to retrieve data and then re-analyse it, using the appropriate data analysis software. Often, data deposited in public repositories can be used to answer different biological questions from the one asked in the original experiments.

The example provided here refers to a large meta-analysis project carried out on all publicly available data sets, generated on the  Affymetrix GeneChip Human Genome U133A. This analysis resulted in a global map of human gene expression (10) and the data associated with such analysis was resubmitted as a new experiment (E-MTAB-62). It is also available through the Gene Expression Atlas.