The ArrayExpress homepage

This section introduces the homepage (Figure 2) and describes the search options available. 

ArrayExpress can be searched to find a functional genomics experiment of interest using the search box shown in Figure 2.   

          An image of the ArrayExpress homepage

Figure 2.  Navigating the ArrayExpress homepage.




[A] The Experiment search box: Experiments, and their associated information, can be searched using keywords (for example, leukaemia) or an experiment accession number (for example, E-GEOD-26260). The experiment accession number is provided by the authors in their scientific publication, if the associated dataset has been deposited in the ArrayExpress.

[B] Experiments:  This link will open a page where you can find all the experiments loaded in ArrayExpress.

[C] Arrays:  This link will open a page where you can find all the functional genomic arrays used to perfom the experiments loaded in ArrayExpress

[D] Submit:  This link will open a page where you can find information about how to submit to ArrayExpress.

[E] Help:  This link will open a page where you can find the help pages and documentation.