Sample information


The "Samples and Data" page shows you a list of the sample names, a summary of the sample attributes and experimental variables (Figure 13). The links in the right-hand box let you download individual data files for each sample.

Information about the samples of an experiment

Figure 13 Information about the samples of an experiment.

To see the full sample annotation, you can click the (*) after "Samples and Data" on top of the page (highlighted in blue in Figure 13) to view the table in the browser or, alternatively, download the SRDF file from the link below the table. Open this tab-delimited text file in a spreadsheet program to view the table properly. In this extended list, you can find more detailed information about the experimental design, e.g.:

  • the label and association of samples to hybridisations (for microarray experiments)
  • library details (for NGS experiments)
  • performer and other protocol parameters