Before you start

To take our online courses, all you need is a browser and an internet connection. If you want to do any of the quizzes, please register with us.



You can find a course by browsing all courses [A] or by selecting a course topic from the list [B]. This will take you to a list of all the courses available on that topic, from which you can select an individual course. 


Notes[C] Is this course right for you? Once you have selected a course, the course summary page tells you what the course is about, which data resources it covers, who it is suitable for, how long it may take and whether we recommend that you complete any other courses before starting this one.

[D] What you will learn: Each course has a set of learning objectives, which summarise the goals of the course. If these do not match your expectations of the course, we suggest that you look at the ‘learn more’ section [E] at the end of each course. If you cannot find a course suitable for your learning needs, please tell us.