Plants in sppaaaacccceee (future travel): Expression Atlas


What might the future of travel hold? Will we venture into space and how will we sustain ourselves on these journeys?

Science is already trying to figure out how organisms perceive, respond and adapt to spaceflight conditions. Some studies have used the International Space Station to test how plants change their gene expression under spaceflight conditions.

You can explore the data from these and other functional genomics experiments in Expression Atlas.

Clue (to be revised)

Find an experiment in Expression Atlas that uses arrays to study the response of Arabidopsis thaliana roots, hypocotyls and leaves to spaceflight.

Use Expression Atlas to explore the gene-set enrichment results for this experiment.

What is the GO accession number for the ontology with the lowest observed/expected ratio?



About Expression Atlas

Expression Atlas is a resource for finding information about gene and protein expression across different species and biological conditions such as tissues, cell types, developmental stages and diseases. Expression Atlas contains thousands of selected datasets that have been manually curated, annotated to ontologies, checked for high quality and processed using standardised pipelines.