Perils of travel (Zika virus and global health): PDBe and EMDB


Global travel is not just for people. Microbes and pathogens can also travel internationally leading to global health challenges such as Zika virus.

The Zika virus has been linked to microcephaly and other neurological damage in foetuses. It is spreading so rapidly that the World Health Organization has declared it to be an emergency of international concern7. Before 2016, there were no structures of Zika virus protein in the PDB, however there are now over 50, highlighting the emphasis on research into this disease.


Search the Protein DataBank in Europe (PDBe) for Zika virus and find the entry that was published in Science and uses electron microscopy as the experimental method.

What is the accession number for its related structure in the Electron Microscopy DataBank (EMDB)?


About PDBe

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Did you know: you can find out more about the polyprotein encoded by the Zika virus’ single stranded RNA genome in UniProt and InterPro.