Nice moves (genetically speaking): Ensembl


Since the Ice Age, humans have moved all over the world. We can track the historic migration of human populations by looking at genetic variation data for modern human populations, such as that generated by the 1000 Genomes project2

The 1000 Genomes project was a sequencing project to call variants in 2504 individuals from 26 populations around the world, including seven African or African-descended populations. Using Ensembl you can explore all the variants identified in this project, including their frequencies and the genotypes of the individuals.

Image source: History of human migration, Wikipedia.


Use Ensembl to find  the variant rs555128980. There is an allele in this location in which thymine (T) is substituted for a cytosine (C). Only one individual in the 1000 Genomes project has this allele. What is the sample ID for the individual with the C|T genotype?

About Ensembl

Ensembl provides a genome browser that acts as a single point of access for annotated genomes. Genes, genetic variants and regulatory features are all annotated onto genomes, with comparative genomics analyses carried out on genes and genomes.

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