For the love of travel friends and survival skills: EBI Search


Throughout the year we are featuring a series of ‘Top tens’, in which we share some interesting, historical and surprising facts about the EBI training programme.

So far we’ve featured 10 milestones, 10 things that make our training unique, and 10 things that our trainers need on the road.


Have a look through our top 10s. Find the animal that one of our trainers has as a travel companion. Use EBI Search to find information about this particular type of feathery friend and a paper on their hidden keys to survival.

What is the PubMed ID (PMID) of this paper?



About EBI-search

EBI-search is a quick and easy way of getting an overview of the data and resources that the EBI has on a particular topic. It can be accessed online from the EMBL-EBI homepage or programmatically using our RESTful webservices interface.

EBI search gives you access to the latest and most up to date nucleotide and protein sequences, structures ranging from chemicals to macro-molecular complexes, gene-expression experiments, binary level molecular interactions, reaction maps, pathway models, functional classifications, biological ontologies, and comprehensive literature libraries.

For more information on EBI search see the help and documentation page.