The joys of travel (food) part 1: IntAct


Food! One of the pleasures of travel is experiencing new cultures and foods. Broad beans (or fava beans) are a staple food source across the world and turn up in many dishes5.

In broad beans (and many other plants) phototropins control how the plant responds to changes in light by triggering various downstream signalling pathways.


Find the broad bean phototropin, Vicia faba phototropin 1a (Vfphot1a) in IntAct. What is the UniProt accession number of the protein that Vfphot1a interacts with?

About IntAct

IntAct is a central, public repository where molecular interactions data can be stored and accessed. IntAct contains interaction data from literature curation or direct user submissions. Most of the data refer to protein–protein interactions, but interactions involving other types of molecules, such as small chemical compounds or nucleic acids, can also be found in IntAct. IntAct is freely available and uses an open source database system and analysis tools.

You can learn more in IntAct: Molecular interactions at EMBL-EBI.