Getting high (adaptation to high-altitude): ArrayExpress


Machu Picchu, Everest Basecamp, Mont Blanc and the Cerro Torre in Argentina - beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime destinations. For most people, visiting these places will require a period of acclimatisation to avoid altitude sickness.

Some populations, for example people living in the Argentinean Andes, have enviable adaptations to their local environment that we urban people can only dream of. One of these adaptations is to low oxygen at high altitudes.

As with many other population-specific traits, it has long been suspected that adaptation to high altitudes is linked to positively-selected SNPs4.


Seek a study in ArrayExpress that investigates genetic and phenotypic variation in people living at high (>3500 m) and low (<500 m) altitudes in Argentina. What is the accession number of the nucleic acid extraction protocol used in this study?

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