David Armstrong

Scientific Database Curator - Kleywegt team: Protein Data Bank in Europe Scientific Database Curator - Velankar team: PDBe content and integration

Melissa Burke

Scientific Training Officer (e-learning): Training Team

Melissa is the Scientific Training Officer (e-learning) for the Training Team at the EMBL-EBI.  She joined the Training Team in July 2016 after having worked as a Scientific Curator for ArrayExpress/Expression Atlas at the EMBL-EBI. She has a PhD in Molecular Parasitology and has worked internationally as a postdoctoral researcher specialising in the functional genomics of infectious diseases.

Laura Huerta

Senior Scientific Curator - Petryszak team: Gene Expression

Laura works as a Senior Scientific Curator to improve the content of functional genomics data in Expression Atlas. She is involved in developing and implementing metadata standards with a particular interest on data integration through ontology annotation. She manages training activities, delivering courses on functional genomics resources at EMBL-EBI and worldwide. She also interacts with software developers to improve user experience of Expression Atlas website. Laura joined EMBL-EBI in 2015 after receiving her PhD in Molecular Biology from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, focused on studying plant development regulated by hormones through the generation and analysis of transcriptomics data.

Maria Levchenko

Europe PMC Community Manager - McEntyre team: Literature services

Maria is the Community Manager for Europe PMC, a literature repository and partner in PubMed Central International. In her role Maria engages with all stakeholders of Europe PMC to communicate their feedback to the team of developers so that they can deliver the best tools for scholarly publishing and communication. She has a PhD in Biochemistry from the The University of Göttingen.


Alex Mitchell

Curation co-ordinator, InterPro and EBI Metagenomics

Alex Mitchell is co-ordinator for the InterPro and EBI Metagenomics databases at EMBL-EBI. He obtained his DPhil in pharmacology from the University of Oxford, and was previously employed as a molecular biologist at the Institute of Psychiatry. He moved to the University of Manchester to work on protein sequence analysis and functional classification, before joining EMBL-EBI in 2011.

Sarah Morgan

Training Coordinator

Sarah has a BSc and MSc in Biomedical Sciences, a PhD from Cranfield University and an MA in Healthcare Law and Ethics from the University of Manchester. Over a 10 year academic career her research has focused on tumour biomarker characterisation and cell-surface interaction. Beyond research she took an active role in the provision of postgraduate taught courses for the University as Lecturer in Molecular Medicine, leading the development and direction of a number of MSc Courses including the MSc in Translational Medicine, the MSc in Molecular Medicine, and more recently acting as director for the MSc Programmes in Advanced Biosciences.  She has lectured on a variety of biomedical techniques and topics, including ethics and governance of research.  

Grace Mugumbate

Scientific Training Officer



Prudence Mutowo

Bioactivity Data Manager - Leach team: ChEMBL



Sandra Orchard

Proteomics Services Team Coordinator

Sandra Orchard leads the Molecular Interaction Team, responsible for developing resources enabling the network analysis of large-scale datasets as well as supplying basic interaction data and information about protein complexes. She is responsible for the production and maintenance of the IntAct Molecular Interaction database and the Complex Portal. She has previously contributed to the annotation of the UniProtKB, InterPro and GOA databases. She also applies her experience to provide hands-on training in several resources, including UniProtKB, InterPro, IntAct and Reactome.

Emily Perry

Ensembl Outreach Project Leader

Emily is the Outreach Project Leader for Ensembl: she is responsible for the team that teaches workshops, creates training materials and help pages, manages social media, answers helpdesk queries and aids development of new tools for the resource. Emily started at EMBL-EBI as an Ensembl Outreach Officer in September 2012 and became the Project Leader in March 2015. Before working at EMBL-EBI, Emily did her PhD in molecular biology at the MRC Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh, then worked for the University of Edinburgh's SCI-FUN group, touring Scottish secondary schools with an interactive science roadshow.

Sangya Pundir

User Experience Manager - Martin team: UniProt development

Sangya Pundir is a User Experience (UX) Manager in EMBL-EBI’s UniProt team, where she established a user-centred process for the redesign of the world’s leading protein resource. To make UniProt easy for researchers to explore, Sangya conducts usability testing and information-gathering methods such as card sorting, contextual studies and workshops. Before she came to EMBL-EBI, Sangya worked at a healthcare consultancy, designing bespoke management systems. She holds an MSc in Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management from the University of Warwick.

Lorna Richardson

Scientific Curator

Lorna is a scientific curator in the sequence families team at EMBL-EBI. She is responsible for InterPro, Pfam and Genome Properties curation, as well as outreach and training. Prior to joining the sequence families team at the EBI, she worked with the eMouseAtlas project at the University of Edinburgh, curating 3D anatomy and gene expression data. She has been working in the field of biological database curation since 2001.

Amy Tang

Functional Genomics Curation and Training Project Leader

Amy studied Human Genetics at the University of Nottingham for her bachelor degree.  She did her PhD at the Brockdorff's lab, then at MRC Clinical Sciences Centre / Imperial College London, working on the epigenetic control of X-chromosome inactivation in mouse early development. The project was split 50:50 into wet-lab and bioinformatics, this is when she first got interested in bioinformatics. After a short postdoc in the same lab, she returned to study at Imperial for a MSc in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, which helped her move laterally from wet-lab to bioinformatics.

Amy now leads the curation efforts for ArrayExpress and Expression Atlas databases in the Gene Expression Team, promoting reproducible research by maintaining curation quality, and also by driving the development of the user-friendly ArrayExpress data submission tool Annotare. To allow users make the most out of the databases and to educate researchers on best practices for reproducible research, she also manages all training activities for the Team, delivering most of the hands-on courses on functional genomics resources at EMBL-EBI and worldwide.  Through listening to Annotare submitters' needs and gathering feedback at training courses, she also acts as users' advocate and works with software developers to improve user experience of ArrayExpress and Expression Atlas websites.

Before joining EMBL-EBI, Amy was a senior bioinformatician in the Ensembl GeneBuild team, curating gene models for key model organisms such as mouse and rat.