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Check your answers against ours (correct as of July 2017):

1. Historic travel: Europe PMC

Answer: 0000-0002-9159-8030


2. Nice moves (genetically speaking): Ensembl

Answer: HG02568 from the Gambia


3. Cool destinations (polar exploration): EBI Metagenomics

Answer: ~10%


4. Getting high (adapting to high-altitude): ArrayExpress

Answer: P-GSE55175-4


5. The joys of travel (food) part 1: IntAct

Answer: Q4W5W8


6. The joys of travel (food) part 2: ChEMBL

Answer: CHEMBL526909


7. Travel challenges (jet-lag): Complex Portal

Answer: O15516


8. Perils of travel (Zika virus and global health): PDBe and EMDB

Answer: EMD-8116


9. Plants in sppaaaacccceee (future travel): Expression Atlas

Answer: GO:0005794 or GO:0043565


10. For want of travel friends and survival skills: EBI Search

Answer: PMID:26490794