In 2017 the EMBL-EBI Training Programme is celebrating 10 amazing years of providing onsite, offsite and online training in bioinformatics.

To help celebrate this anniversary, we designed a treasure hunt to give you a taster of the free...

Claire ODonovan

Claire O'Donovan, leader of the Protein Function Content team at EMBL-EBI, gives an introduction into biocuration and talks about what it is like to work as a biocurator and the skill sets you need.

This webinar was recorded on 2 March...

This course will give you a broad overview of how bioinformatics can enable bench-based research. It is aimed at experimental researchers in the molecular life sciences who have little or no previous experience of using bioinformatics databases...

Fabio Madeira

The EMBL-EBI Job Dispatcher framework ( provides free access to several core Bioinformatics tools and related data, via the web or programmatically via Web Services APIs. In this webinar, we will give an overview of...

Sarah Morgan

This course explores the ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI) of biomedical data sharing. The material will introduce the reasons why we want to share data, the benefits it can bring, and the challenges of doing so. It will present ideas...

Marco Brandizi

This webinar is presented by Marco Brandizi and covers the BioSamples database resource description framework (RDF).

This video is best viewed using Google Chrome and in full screen mode.

Most researchers know that data management is an important part of their work and is essential for getting the most out of your data. But what exactly is data management and what can you do to ensure that you’re managing your data well?


Gabry Rustici

This quick tour provides a brief introduction to the Cellular Microscopy Phenotype Ontology (CMPO). It covers the scientific principles that led to the creation of this ontology and how it can be used.

Birgit Meldal

This quick tour provides a brief introduction to EMBL-EBI's Complex Portal : a manually curated, encyclopedic resource of macromolecular complexes from a number of key model...

In this webinar we will go through the basic principles of designing scientific figures to communicate our research findings. We will focus on how we can utilise colour effectively and help our audience make accurate quantitative judgements by...