This course is a guide to the UniProt resource, including what kinds of information it provides and how to access the data using the UniProt website.

Some knowledge of biology and proteins is required. Some bioinformatics knowledge is...

Klemens Pichler

Klemens Pichler presents this webinar on accessing UniProtKB programmatically. This webinar was recorded on 3rd June 2015.

This video is best viewed in full screen using Google Chrome.


Michele Magrane

This quick tour provides a brief introduction to the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt). A full tutorial of UniProt can be found...

Tom Hancocks

This course introduces user experience design (UXD) in the context of bioinformatics tools and service development. It provides an overview of basic concepts and links to external resources on UXD where you can learn more.

Interested in learning how User Experience (UX) design can help you meet your goals? What are the quick wins for knowing your users, designing with your team and getting feedback on your designs? This webinar is for you if you are involved in...

Andrew Cowley

This webinar focuses on how to use tools like BLAST and PSI-Search to find homologous sequences in EMBL-EBI databases, including tips on which tool and database to use, input formats, how to change parameters and how to interpret the results...

David Armstrong

Litemol is a new, online macromolecular structure viewer at the PDBe, offering users the chance to easily view PDB and EMDB data in their browser and even on mobile devices. This webinar will introduce users to this fantastic new viewer and...