Protein sequence databases

Module length: Half day
EBI topics: Proteins
Resources covered: UniProt: The Universal Protein Resource

This module aims to give the scientific community hands on experience on how to access and effectively use protein data in UniProt. UniProt is the high quality, most comprehensive and most thoroughly annotated protein resource. Participants will be able to access detailed information on protein function and millions of protein sequences in the UniProt knowledgebase, including isoforms and disease variants.

The module is suitable for researchers interested in different aspects of proteins including their sequences and functions. No previous bioinformatics experience is required, but an undergraduate level knowledge of biology would be an advantage.

Learning outcomes

After this course participants should be able to:

  • Identify information about all aspects of a protein of interest such as function, interactions, disease association, etc
  • Investigate protein homology via sequence similarity searches and alignments
  • Use UniProt to connect to specialized resources in different areas of biology
  • Access proteomes for completely sequenced organisms
  • Download customized datasets

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