Introduction to EMBL-EBI resources and tools

Module length: Half day
EBI topics: Cross domain
Resources covered:

A variety of resources from the following clusters:

  • DNA & RNA
  • Gene Expression
  • Proteins
  • Systems
  • Chemical biology
  • Ontologies
  • Literature

This module provides researchers with an overview of the major databases and tools at EMBL-EBI and helps them identify resources to use in their work. Presentations, demonstrations and practical exercises give participants hands-on experience in using the EBI Search tool to explore literature, genome, protein and small molecule data of interest.

The module is suitable for all researchers who would like to learn about EMBL-EBI bioinformatics resources and tools, and apply them in their work. No previous bioinformatics experience is required, but an undergraduate level knowledge of biology or biochemistry would be an advantage.

Learning outcomes

After this course articipants should be able to:

  • Identify and use a variety of EMBL-EBI tools to access, retrieve and export data from resources relevant to individual areas of interest.
  • Use the EBI Search tool to navigate from genomic to small molecule resources, and to link data from different domains.
  • Access published information and data on the topic of interest using Europe PMC literature database

Keywords: edam:

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