UniProt for Proteomics Scientists


 Wednesday 8 April 202015:30 16:30 (Europe/London)


First come, first served


Anna Swan


*Please note this webinar is now full, however it will be recorded and a link added to this page once the recording is available.*

UniProt is a comprehensive, expert-led, publicly available database of protein sequence, function and variation information.

This webinar will give a brief introduction to the UniProt website and then highlight resources available that proteomics scientists or users with large protein datasets may find useful in analysing their data. This will include our proteomes service, how to convert and retrieve ID mappings, and how to carry out a peptide search.

The webinar will then go on to introduce the UniProt Proteins API which allows researchers to access and download UniProt data alongside large-scale genomic, proteomics and variation data without needing prior in-depth knowledge of programmatic languages. Data is available for download and querying in a range of formats; including XML, FASTA and PEFF. The API multi-query search functions will be demonstrated and useful features such as searching entries by peptide, and searching for proteomic peptides by protein entry will be explained.

The UniProt Proteins API is available at; //www.ebi.ac.uk/proteins/api/doc


This webinar is aimed at computational and wet-lab scientists, with no prior knowledge of programming required. An undergraduate level understanding of protein biology will be useful.