Introduction to the Ensembl Genome Browser - Webinar Series


 Tuesday 21 April 202016:00 (Europe/London) Thursday 7 May 202016:00 (Europe/London)


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Benjamin Moore

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Between the 21st April and 7th May 2020, we will be holding a series of live Ensembl webinars which will come together to provide a complete genome browser course.

This course comprises a set of 6 1-hour webinars that introduce participants to the key data types presented in the Ensembl genome browser and develops skills for accessing, visualising and exporting the data - essentially providing a 1-day training course in short chunks. 

Each live webinar will include the opportunity to ask questions, but if you miss a webinar the recording will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and added to the corresponding page in the EBI TrainOnline Course. We will also be providing weekly exercises so that you can practice what you have learned, and there will be opportunities for online discussion whilst doing these.


The modules are as follows:

21st April 2020 (4pm BST)

Introduction to Ensembl

Ben Moore

23rd April 2020 (4pm BST)

Ensembl genes

Astrid Gall

28th April 2020 (4pm BST)

Variation data in Ensembl and the Ensembl VEP

Michal Szpak

30th April 2020 (4pm BST)

Comparing genes and genomes with Ensembl Compara

Astrid Gall

5th May 2020 (4pm BST)

Finding features that regulate genes – the Ensembl Regulatory Build

Ben Moore

7th May 2020 (4pm BST)

Data export with BioMart

Michal Szpak

Should you not wish to view all the webinars in the series you can choose to view only those in which you have direct interest.


This course is aimed at individuals who wish to learn more about Ensembl, the genome data available for browsing and how to make the most of the resource. No prior knowledge of bioinformatics is required, but an undergraduate level understanding of biology would be useful.