Variant submission and accessioning at the European Variation Archive


 Wednesday 4 September 201915:30 16:30 (Europe/London)


First come, first served


Melissa Burke


The European Variation Archive (EVA) is a primary open repository for archiving, accessioning, and distributing genome variation including single nucleotide variants, short insertions and deletions (indels), and larger structural variants (SVs) in any species. The EVA is in the process of releasing the first dbSNP data release which consists of RS ID-containing VCF files for each non-human species available in dbSNP. This webinar will provide an overview of the European Variation Archive including data ingestion, consumption, and how you can access and utilise dbSNP RS release batch files.


This webinar is aimed at individuals working with variation data who wish to learn about submitting and accessing data in the EVA. No prior knowledge of bioinformatics is required, but undergraduate level knowledge of biology would be useful.