PDBe-KB Aggregated Views: Presenting PDB data in a different context


 Wednesday 13 March 201915:30 16:30 (Europe/London)


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Melissa Burke

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Our understanding of biological function can be advanced by the knowledge of biomolecular structures. Yet, it requires compiling data from individual entries in the Protein Data Bank (PDB), where each entry may represent only a segment of a complete system and may lack biological context. The Protein Data Bank in Europe - Knowledge Base (PDBe-KB) is a community-driven, integrated resource whose goal is to place macromolecular structures in their biological context and thus promote fundamental and translational research. PDBe-KB combines residue-level structural data with functional annotations and sequence information in a highly interconnected, complex graph database, on the scale of 1 billion nodes and 4 billion edges. PDBe-KB infrastructure allows compilation of data from multiple PDB entries into a context-specific view of the data that is made available via an extensive set of API endpoints and modular web components. This webinar presents the first, protein-specific aggregated view that summarises all the data from the PDB and associated functional annotations from PDBe-KB partner resources in a user-friendly and accessible web-based view, providing a novel way to navigate structural data.

This webinar took place on 13 March 2019. You can watch a recording and download the slides from the webinar in Train online.


This webinar is aimed at individuals working on protein biology. No prior knowledge of bioinformatics is required, but an undergraduate level understanding of biology would be useful.