EurOPDX Data Portal: a repository of patient-derived xenograft models


 Wednesday 23 October 201915:30 16:30 (Europe/London)


First come, first served


Melissa Burke


The new EurOPDX Research Infrastructure (RI), funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 programme, aims to improve cancer drug development success rates through the enablement of collaborative cancer research using patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models. In particular, we are developing efficient and user-friendly IT tools to optimise access to, and data searching of the collection of PDX models and their clinical, molecular and pharmacological annotations. We will be presenting the EurOPDX RI and the possibilities of access to PDX models, as well as the functionalities of the EurOPDX Data Portal, with the objective to support future applicants to our PDX access grant programme.


This webinar is for indiviuals who are working with pateint-derived xenograft models in the context of cancer drug discovery. No prior knowledge of bioinformatics is requried but an undergraduate-level knowledge of biology is recommended.