Enzymes in UniProt


 Wednesday 1 May 201915:30 16:30 (Europe/London)


First come, first served


Anna Swan


This webinar will provide a practical overview of the type of information the protein database UniProt offers for enzymes and how to access it. We will introduce the new enhanced enzyme annotation based on Rhea, a comprehensive expert-curated database of biochemical reactions that uses the ChEBI ontology to describe reaction participants, their chemical structures, and chemical transformations.  We will show how this new feature forms the basis of a new search. Ultimately, this information will help users to integrate and analyse metabolomic data, annotate metabolic networks and models, or mine reaction data to study enzyme evolution and predict new pathways for drug production or bioremediation.


This webinar is aimed at individuals who wish to learn more about enzymes in Uniprot. No prior knowledge of bioinformatics is required, but an undergraduate level understanding of biology would be useful.