Ensembl Train the Trainer Workshop, Anchor University, Lagos, 28th June 2019


  Friday 28 June 2019


Anchor University - Ayobo Road, Ipaja, Lagos, Nigeria

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Thursday 09 May 2019

Application deadline: 

Thursday 20 June 2019


Open application with selection

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Course Overview

The Ensembl project at www.ensembl.org provides a comprehensive and integrated source of annotation of mainly vertebrate genome sequences. This 1-day workshop offers participants the possibility of gaining hands-on experience in the use of the Ensembl genome browser but also provides them with the necessary background information. Our sister project at www.ensemblgenomes.org can also be covered if participants are working with bacteria, plants, fungi, protists or (invertebrate) metazoa.


Ensembl delivers workshops covering the Ensembl Browser and the REST API in many institutes all around the world. This Train-the-Trainer workshop will provide the tools and training to help attendees deliver their own Ensembl Browser workshops in the future.

The workshop is primarily targeted at wetlab researchers and bioinformaticians who have attended an Ensembl workshop and wish to deliver their own Ensembl training events.


Wet-lab scientists and bioinformaticians who have attended an Ensembl Browser workshop and want to deliver their own training sessions.

Learning outcomes

After this course participnats should be able to:

  • Describe the different Honey-mumford learning styles
  • Understand the format of the Ensembl Browser workshop
  • Deliver an Ensembl Browser workshop module
  • Analyse teaching styles and methods
  • Be prepared to deliver a complete Ensembl Browser workshop


Morning: Introduction to learning styles and Ensembl Browser workshop format, content and materials.

Afternoon: Hands-on session developing and delivering an example module from an Ensembl Bowser session. Workshop feedback.