EMBL-EBI Workshop: An Introduction to Sequence Searching


  Friday 12 April 2019


University of Cambridge - Downing Site, Cambridge,  CB2 3AR, United Kingdom

Application opens: 

Tuesday 05 March 2019

Application deadline: 

Thursday 11 April 2019


First come, first served


Charlotte Pearton

Registration fee: 

Free for Uni. Cambridge students and staff, see "How to apply" for more details

Course Overview

This module introduces the area of sequence similarity searching and focuses on how to use tools like BLAST and PSI-Search to find homologous sequences in EMBL-EBI databases, including tips on which tool and database to use, input formats, how to change parameters and how to interpret the results pages.


This workshop is aimed at researchers who need to undertake sequence searching as part of their work. Those who are graduate students, postdocs and staff members from the University of Cambridge, affiliated institutions and other external Institutions or individuals, are invited to apply. No previous bioinformatics experience is required, but an undergraduate level understanding of biology would be an advantage.



  • introduction-sequence-searching

Learning outcomes

After this course you should be able to:

  • Describe the basics of sequence similarity searching and sequence homology
  • Identify related biological sequence data across EMBL-EBI resources
  • Use different sequence similarity tools and select appropriate tools for different applications.


Friday 12 April 2019
09:00-10:45 Introduction to sequence similarity search Fabio Madeira
10:45-11:00 Tea/Coffee Break
11:00-13:15 Exploring different searching modes and databases Fabio Madeira
13:15-13:30 Course wrap-up and feedback Fabio Madeira