Getting started with PhenoMeNal

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 Thursday 31 May 201815:00 16:00 (Europe/London)


First come, first served


Melissa Burke


PhenoMeNal is an easy-to-deploy e-infrastructure for scientific data processing and analysis, particularly well-suited for metabolomics applications.  In this webinar you'll learn how to use the PhenoMeNal portal to deploy your own private PhenoMeNal instance on cloud computing resources.  You'll learn how to manage your deployment and access the services it provides.  Finally, you'll also see how to explore the integrated data analysis tools by navigating through the App Library.


This webinar is aimed at individuals who wish to learn more about the analysing metabolomics data using the PhenoMeNal platform. No prior knowledge of bioinformatics is required, but an understanding of metabolomics would be useful.