EMBL Webinar Series: Lifelong Learning in the Biomedical Sciences


 Friday 2 February 201812:00 (Europe/London)Friday 18 May 201813:00 (Europe/London)


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Claire Johnson

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Competent professionals, who are committed to staying at the leading edge of developments in their field and developing their personal skills, are the underlying foundation of successful research. However, established mechanisms for maintaining professional competence and traditional career paths are being challenged.  Changes in the employment landscape in industry and academia, the cross-disciplinary nature of modern science, the need for greater collaboration across traditional sectoral boundaries and the increased need for training to be responsive to real-life working, are all impacting on how the biomedical sector maintains a fit-for-purpose workforce. So how can your organisation and indeed YOU be ‘fit for the future’ in this environment?

You can learn more about the series, watch recordings of the webinars and see a list of upcoming webinars on the EMBL website.


This webinar series is for:

  • Employers, consultants, individual scientists/professionals and students of all sectors involved in biomedical research and development
  • Biomedical education and training providers
  • Professional and scientific bodies, learned societies
  • Research infrastructures
  • Regulators and regulatory affairs professionals
  • Funders and policy makers