EMBL-EBI workshop: Interactions and Pathways


  Tuesday 13 March 2018


University of Cambridge - Downing Site,  Cambridge CB2 3AR,  United Kingdom


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Gabriella Rustici

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Course Overview

This module is aimed at giving life scientists training on how to explore and use protein interaction and pathway bioinformatics resources. This course looks at the data repositories, resources and tools available and shows attendees how to both find information on a single molecule and how to build high-quality networks to enable network analysis.


The module is suitable for PhD students and PostDocs looking to build networks prior to ‘Omics data analysis, or to better understand the biology of their favourite gene(s) or protein(s).


  • interactions-and-pathways

Learning outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Describe the data found in the molecular interaction database, and list available databases
  • Identify alternative data formats and the various tools designed to work with them
  • Search and retrieve data from IntAct and use the PSICQUIC web service
  • Explore reactions and pathways in Reactome and perform basic pathway analysis of a large dataset
  • Describe the Complex Portal and discuss how this can be used for large-scale data analsyis


This course runs from 09:30-17:30 including breaks and lunch.