PhenoMeNal: Metabolomics data analysis in the cloud


 Wednesday 25 October 201716:00 17:00 (Europe/London)


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Melissa Burke

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PhenoMeNal aims to bridge the gap between cloud computing and metabolomics researchers by providing the ability to create Cloud Research Environments (CRE) for metabolomics data analysis. A PhenoMeNal CRE is a small cluster of computers with popular metabolomics data analysis tools already installed. These tools are ready to be run and are accessible through a user friendly Galaxy workflow environment reducing the need for in-house bioinformatics. The PhenoMeNal CRE not only includes data analysis tools, but also example workflows where some of these tools are used together. You can also make your own workflows inside the CRE. In this webinar we will explain the main components of PhenoMeNal. We will demonstrate how to register, access existing tools and workflows, create a new PhenoMeNal CRE on Amazon, and execute a workflow on a PhenoMeNal CRE.

This webinar took place on 25 October 2017. You can watch the recording and download the slides from this webinar in Train online.


This webinar is for scientists working in the field of metabolomics. No prior knowledge of bioinformatics is required but some knowledge of metabolomics would be an advantage.