Large Scale Gene Function Discovery to Support Human Health: The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC)



 Wednesday 3 May 201716:00 17:00 (Europe/London)


Terry Meehan

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The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) is a G7- recognised global research infrastructure that is coordinating the global production of a knockout mouse gene for every protein coding gene. The mice are characterised in a standardised, broad-based phenotyping pipeline giving insights into function for genes for which very little is known. With new phenotype data freely available for over 3000 genes, this webinar will discuss some of the exciting discoveries in genetic disease, development and sexual dimorphism that biologists and clinical researchers are making using IMPC resources. The webinar will include how to access the complex phenotype and image data at

This webinar took place on 8 March 2017. You can watch the recording and download the slides in Train online.


This course is aimed at individuals who wish to learn more about the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium.  No prior knowledge of bioinformatics is required, but an undergraduate level understanding of biology would be useful.