EMBL-EBI: Introduction to Chemogenomics Resources


  Monday 6 February 2017


University of Cambridge - Downing Site, Cambridge,  CB2 3AR, United Kingdom

Application opens: 

Friday December 16 2016

Application deadline: 

Sunday February 05 2017


First come, first served


Louisa Bellis

Registration fee: 

This course is free to University of Cambridge students, but charges will apply for other participants.

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Course Overview

Thsi workshop will provide an introduction to the chemogenomics resources available from EMBL-EBI, with opprotunity to explore the resources and learn how to gain the most information from them.


This workshop is aimed at researchers who wish to know more about the chemogenomics resources provided by EMBL-EBI. No computational or previous bioinformatics experience is required for this workshop, but an undergraduate level understanding of biology would be beneficial.


Modules and resources

This workshop will cover the following resources:

  • ChEMBL
  • SureChEMBL
  • UniChem 
  • Opentargets

Learning outcomes

After this course you should be able to:

  • List the available resources for chemogenomics research
  • Search for small molecules and explore their chemical properties
  • Retrieve bioactivity data for small molecules 


Time Topic Trainer
Day 1 - Monday 6 February 2017
09:30 Introduction to the EMBL-EBI Chemogenomics Resources Anna Gaulton
10:30  Tea/coffee break 
11:00  Using EMBL-EBI Chemogenomics Resources for a disease case study (hands-on)  Anne Hersey
12:30  Wrap-up and feedback