The 3rd Annual SME Forum: Austria Wirtschaftsservice, Vienna, Austria


  Thursday 3 September 2009


Holly Foster

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Support for Industry is part of the mission of the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute. To this end we have established an annual series of information workshops designed to allow SMEs to hear about data resources, tools and services that are provided freely by EMBL-EBI and our collaborators.

The workshop will provide the opportunity to introduce the tools and data resources that are available and the opportunities for SMEs to use and integrate these resources in order to derive benefit from the existing and developing infrastructure.

The topics of the workshop have been specifically selected on the basis of previous interactions with SMEs and include chemogenomics, cheminformatics, proteomics, text mining, literature services and analysis, web services and patent services providing by EMBL-EBI and the European Patent Office, with whom we collaborate.

The workshop is sponsored by a number of EU projects coordinated by EMBL-EBI that are targeted to provide bioinformatics tools and data resources for European research. These include:

All tools and services provided by EMBL-EBI are available free of charge.
Please see for more information about the projects.
For more information about support for SME's please email .


Time Topic Speaker
Day 1 - 4 September 2009
12:00 Registration and refreshments  
13:00 Welcome Nina Sallacz, Technology & Innovation, Austria Wirtschaftsservice 
13:10 Meeting Overview Dominic Clark, EMBL-EBI 
13:20 Overview of EMBL-EBI data resources and services Dominic Clark, EMBL-EBI 
13:40 EMBL-EBI Proteomics data resources and services Henning Hermjakob, EMBL-EBI
14:10 ChEMBL databases and tools: Support of target selection and validation John Overington, EMBL-EBI 
14:40 EMBL-EBI text mining tools and mapping of targets/pathways to disease Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann, EMBL-EBI 
15:10 COFFEE  
15:40 Using Web services in Your Data Analysis Pipeline Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, U. Uppsala
16:10 The FuncNet platform Andrew Clegg, UCL
16:40 ENFIN – Data integration with EnVISION Henning Hermjakob, EMBL-EBI
17:10 In-silico Workflows for Biomarker and Target Identification Bernd Mayer, Emergentec Biodevelopment GmbH, Vienna
17:40 Met and Unmet Bioinformatics needs in Targeted Metabolomics Klaus M Weinberger, Biocrates Life Sciences AG, Innsbruck
18:10 Close of first day  
18.20 Networking Buffet Supper  
Day 2 - 5 September 2009
08.45 COFFEE  
09.00 Introduction to the second day & overview of ELIXIR Industry Stakeholders report Dominic Clark, EMBL-EBI
09.10 EMBL-EBI Literature Services and Applications Jo McEntyre, Head of Literature Services, EMBL-EBI
09.40 EMBL-EBI Patent related services Jennifer McDowell, EMBL-EBI 
10.10 EPO Services and Resources for SMEs and the FELICS project Stephane Nauche, European Patent Office 
10.30 Patent Information (, The European Patent Office Open Patent Services Nigel Clarke, European Patent Office, Austria 
11.00 COFFEE  
11.30 Patent Information: esp@cenet  ( Nigel Clarke, European Patent Office, Austria
12.00 How the EPO searches prior art in Biotech; European Patent Academy and dissemination of knowledge Titus Vogt, European Patent Office 
12.30 Cheminformatics resources and services at EBI Paula de Matos, EMBL-EBI 
12.55 Patent and Licensing Management Angela Siegling, Austria Wirtschaftsservice
13.05 Wrap up and discussion Pascal Kahlem, EMBL-EBI 
13.20 LUNCH and end of meeting