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General parameters for restraint plots

The General parameters apply to all the plots that show restraints and restraint violations. The parameters define how the restraints are to be classified and coloured.

The restraints are classified into 3 groups: Short, Medium and Long. The default classification is according to sequence separation, as follows:-

An alternative classification is on the basis of distance ranges. So, short-range restraints might be defined as those whose length is 0.0 to 3.5 Ångstroms, medium-range as 3.5 to 5.0 Ångstroms, etc.

The 7 parameters are:-

General parameters
N     <- Define short/medium/long-range restraints by dist (Y/N)?
0.0  3.5     <- Upper and lower distance defining short-range restraints
3.5  5.0     <-   "    "    "      "        "     medium-range     "
5.0 10.0     <-   "    "    "      "        "     long-range     "
YELLOW       <- Colour for long-range restraints
LIME GREEN   <- Colour for medium-range restraints
CYAN         <- Colour for short-range restraints

Description of options:-

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