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1. Ramachandran plot

There are 17 parameters defining the Ramachandran plot, as follows:-

1. Ramachandran plot
N     <- Separate page for each model in the ensemble (Y/N)?
Y     <- Shade in the different regions (Y/N)?
Y     <- Print the letter-codes identifying the different regions (Y/N)?
Y     <- Draw line-borders around the regions (Y/N)?
N     <- Show only the core region (Y/N)?
1     <- Label residues in: 0=disallow,1=generous,2=allow,3=core regions
1.0   <- Size of data-points (0.0-2.0)
N     <- Plot filled-in data points (Y/N)?
Y     <- Show model numbers inside data points (Y/N)?
N     <- Produce a COLOUR PostScript file (Y/N)?
WHITE        <- Background colour
WHITE        <- Region 0: Disallowed
CREAM        <- Region 1: Generous
YELLOW       <- Region 2: Allowed
RED          <- Region 3: Most favourable, core, region
BLACK        <- Colour of markers in favourable regions
RED          <- Colour of markers in unfavourable regions

Description of options:-

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