Development notes

The AQUA suite has been developed and tested on SGI using IRIX 5.3 and cc.
The complete package has now also been installed and tested successfully on SunOS 5.5 (using cc) and on SunOS 4.1 (using gcc and gawk).

An ANSI C compiler is needed for successful compilation (ANSI style function declarations). The nawk implementation should understand the -v option and calls to toupper; on some systems you may have to install gawk, the GNU version of nawk.

Although the code should run on non-Unix systems too, all scripts provided with the distribution are Unix-only (csh, nawk/gawk). Users of e.g. VAX/VMS will have to set up their own processing scripts. Conversion of restraint files is done completely via scripts.

If you encounter any problems, but also if you have successfully installed the program, I would like to hear from you. Send me a postcard if you like :) . Please specify the type of computer and operating system you are using.

If you complete and return the Confidentiality Agreement you will be put on a mailing list to be informed about new releases.

Also I welcome suggestions about possible additions and improvements to AQUA.