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Using qdbext to extract data

The 'qdbext' script can be used to extract data by block and item (=column) from a file which is formatted according to the DBAS file format. Examples of such files are the '.?rv' (violations) and '.?rc' (counts) files produced by 'aqpc'.

The command syntax is as follows:


The matches on block and item names are performed case-INsensitive.


To extract the total number of upper bound violations for every structure from a "violations" file produced by 'aqpc' you might use the command


If more than one block with the same name occurs in the file, 'qdbext' will process them all. Intervening "$ IDENT ident" lines (cf. DBAS file format) can be used to discriminate between blocks. This facility has been useful in processing a stream of DBAS data produced by concatening files from a series of entries.