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Tempura is a server that allows for specific templates to be generated from a submitted structure. These templates can then be scanned against a non-redundant subset of the PDB, a list of PDBcodes or an individual structure.

This server is particularly useful for proteins with few sequence homologues where the calculation of residue conservation is difficult, or where there is experimental evidence to suggest particular residues are important to function.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:The server is currently having major problems with the upload file settings and match displays so has been disabled for the foreseeable future. If you wish to analyse an uploaded structure then please use the ProFunc server, which performs a reverse template search as part of its analyses.

The ProFunc server can be found at

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but do not have a foreseeable date for having Tempura back up and running. Please note that all previously submitted jobs have now been cancelled. If you have any queries about Tempura or want to be kept updated when the service will be back online, please email James Watson.

Upload file 

Use the "Browse" button to upload the PDB-format file to be analysed. Press "UPLOAD" to upload it from your file system to our server. The structure will have various checks performed before templates can be selected.

PDB code  (4 chars)    Example: "5p21"


* Tempura now allows you to select entirely hydrophobic templates!


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