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Catalytic Site Atlas

CSA Data

CSA data can be downloaded as either MySQL tables (see below) or as a flat file. The flat file version can be found from this link

CSA data (in the form of a set of relevent MySQL tables) can be downloaded from this link.

This file can be imported into any SQL based database. The examples below are for MySQL.
There are two ways to import the data in the .sql file:

1. Using the MySQL client.
  a. Create a new database.
  b. Run the following command at the prompt/shell: "mysql your_database_name < CSA_TABLES.sql"

2. From within MySQL.
  a. Create a new database: "mysql> create your_database"
  b. Select the new database: "mysql> use your_database"
  c. Import the file: "mysql> source CSA_TABLES.sql"

The Schema of tables is shown below