This is a database for querying gene expression in mouse ES cells which accompanies the publication Single-Cell RNA-sequencing of Pluripotent States Unlocks Modular Transcriptional Variation Kolodziejczyk A.A.1,2*, Kim, J.K.2, Tsang, J2, Illicic, T. 1,2, Henriksson, J.1, Natarajan K. N.1,2, Tuck A.C.1,2, Gao X2, Bühler M3, Liu, P.2, Marioni, J.C.1,2+ and Teichmann, S.A.1,2+ Cell Stem Cell 2015

Further, the database compares our data with data from Single-cell RNA-seq reveals dynamic, random monoallelic gene expression in mammalian cells (2014) Deng Q, Ramsköld D, Reinius B, Sandberg R, Science

The data were produced and made available by the Teichmann group at EMBL-EBI. Note that comparison between large numbers of genes and datasets can take a large amount of time. Click on the heatmaps to view at higher resolution. Expression levels are shown in log-2 scale, smoothed with a Gaussian kernel. Correlation is presented as Spearman ρ.

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Differential expression

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GO Noise

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